Director Business Support PHC Job in Lahore
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Director Business Support PHC Job in Lahore

Job Responsibilities:

  • The Director of Business Support will be accountable to the COO of the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) for the management and governance of the Department of Business Support and for production of corporate governance documentation including Standing Orders, Corporate Governance Standards, Strategic and Operational Plans.
  • Ensure top level leadership, vision and strategic direction and management across all aspects of the Business Support Directorate’s activities and will ensure that all required decision making, control, delivery and development of systems are operational.
  • Acts as Secretary to the PHC Board of Commissioners ensuring the provision of effective secretariat services and acting as a source of advice and support to members of the Board and the provision of induction, briefing and training materials for Board members.
  • Acts as the organizational focal point for financial and corporate governance.
  • Co-ordinates provision of physical and ICT infrastructure.
  • Ensure robust systems are in place for financial stewardship and human resource management within the PHC.
  • Accountable for providing advice to the COO on all elements of the Directorate’s business and specifically on matters relating to development, departmental management, training of departmental staff, need for external experts, HR selection, cross departmental linkages and departmental/staff performance evaluation.
  • Ensure that the Directorate works effectively in collaboration with other PHC’s Directorates in all developmental, certification, accreditation, probity and regulatory activities.
  • Integrate the production/dissemination of documentation on Financial Stewardship, Human Resource Management and Corporate Governance including Standing Orders, within the PHC and ensure a culture of commitment towards working, responding and delivering in harmony with other PHC’s Directorates so that it works effectively with Government, partner authorities and healthcare providers, whilst maintaining independence from political pressures.
  • Effectively lead and manage the integration of the various components of the Directorate to develop documentation that:
    • Supports the delivery of high quality PHC services
    • Ensures the physical health and safety and comfort of staff and visitors
  • Develop and maintain an organizational culture that supports professional, public and patient engagement as well as public health standards and cultural / religious values in decision-making and a drive for continuous service improvement.
  • Ensure that all aspects of business conducted in the PHC comply with the relevant quality, corporate, clinical and legal governance requirements in line with the strategic direction set by the PHC’s Board and statutory requirements of the healthcare goals of the Punjab Government.
  • Identify needs and ensure the effective commissioning of external experts when required by the PHC.
  • Ensure performance targets are set for the Directorate which are consistent with the objectives of the PHC.
  • Lead and manage the performance and development of the Directorate against agreed indicators and targets.
  • Ensure that developed PHC Standing Orders, Guidance and Training Material, and Financial Instruments are tested before being implemented.
  • Responsible for any other assignment(s) given by the higher authorities.


Qualification, Experience & Skills:

  • A graduate with Masters Degree in Social Sciences/Business Management/ Business Administration or equivalent from a reputable institution or CFOs with considerable management experience from an HEC recognized institute.
  • Additional higher or professional qualifications in financial management, Chartered Institute of Secretaries , ICT or human resources.
  • At least 15 years of senior management experience of working in large organizations in public or private sectors
  • Track record of having managed business support systems for large organizations especially related to healthcare
  • Highest level of personal integrity and ethical values and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results-orientation.
  • Significant experience in or knowledge of non profit accounting, including fund, donor, project and grant accounting and reporting
  • Demonstrable leadership skills with a flexible style – consensual and participative but decisive where warranted
  • Demonstrable integrity, energy, enthusiasm, commitment and persistence
  • Ability to lead support staff teams
  • Strong ability to multi-task and handle surprises; high degree of adaptability to changing situations
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills for interacting with the various stake holders in English, Urdu/or local languages
  • Well versed/ skilled in use of Microsoft technologies

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The Punjab Government took notice of incidences of medical negligence and promulgated the PHC Act, 2010. The Punjab Healthcare Commission was set up to ensure quality healthcare service delivery at all levels and also to protect the well being of the patients.