I have a Bachelor’s Science (HONS) degree in Economics from the Forman Christian College (FCC), a chartered university in Lahore. Moreover, I have completed my MPhil Economics coursework at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad and am currently undertaking my MPhil research work under the supervision of Dr Rehana Siddiqui (joint director of PIDE and HOD Environmental Economics).

I have an excellent grasp of the concepts of Economics and Mathematics courses. Having studied Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Statistics and mathematics among other courses at FCC, I have acquired a sound understanding of theoretical Economics and Mathematics.

Being one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan, FCC along with its qualified staff lays strong emphasis on the learning of the basics as well as remaining abreast with advanced knowledge on the field. Moreover, my MPhil coursework and research not only further strengthened my knowledge of the basics of Economics and Mathematics, but also equipped with research skills and advanced knowledge of the field.

Looking forward to a call for an interview.


fc college lahore

2011-15 bs hons in economics

pakistan institute of development economics (PIDE) islamabad

2015-18 mphill economics