My name is Muhammad Awais and I have completed my Postgraduate Sustainable Planning from University of Hertfordshire England, internship from University of Cambridge England and undergraduate studies with Geography as my major subject from GC University Lahore, Pakistan and I have always been interested in the preservation of the environment and our ever changing ecosystem and thus I chose to make my career in it.  During my postgraduate years I had ample opportunities to study Spatial Analysis for Planning, Spatial Planning: Theories and Strategies, Urban Regeneration, Place-making and Spatial Mediation, Planning law, policy & practice, Urban Design and Conservation, Research Methods, Water Resources, Development Viability, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Communities & Environment and during the undergraduate years I have had ample opportunities to study the natural phenomena and also to gain hand on experience with many courses such as Man and Environment, Climatology, Remote Sensing, Field Surveying, Settlement Geography, Digital Image Processing, Digital Cartography, Geomatics and Disaster Risk Management.  I also have a keen interest in photography and I have worked as an assistant photographer with many leading photographers. Among the many assignments that I received I particularly enjoyed Wildlife photography, landscape photography and magazine shoots.

Apart from this I have a lot of experience in computer skills as it was a necessary part of my undergraduate studies as well as interests.  Apart from Microsoft Office I have in depth knowledge of Photoshop, Google Earth, Geodatabases, Digitizing, Mosaicking and Interpolation.

Thanking you.


University of Hertfordshire, England

2014/2016 MSc Sustainable Planning