Senior Technician - Avionics
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Position Qualification Requirements include:

Highest educational degree awarded:
Bachelors Degree

Work Experience in Similar Position:
6-9 years

Professional Certificates:
LWTR X & R , HF, PCAA/EASA Legislation

Other Requirements:
minimum 05 EASA Part 66 Modules
Proactive & Interactive attitude
Basic SMS knowledge
computer skills (MS, AMM/IPC/AIRNAV)

Required Skills:
Must have served for 05 years as Junior Technician & Holds LWTR Full Set OR 09 years experience as Jr. Technician out of which at least 07 years in Airblue. Should be capable of independent working and be able to guide & control Junior Technicians & Apprentices/Trainees.

Physical Requirements:
Age (Min): 25  Age (Max): 50 
Physically fit & has ability to travel regularly and at short notices

Language Requirements:
Urdu English  

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About AirBlue

Starting in 2004, airblue's fleet of next-generation Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft began offering world-class travel to many cities within Pakistan.

The company's shareholding structure includes a group of investors including Mr. Tariq Chaudhary with majority stake.
Mr. Chaudhary also serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board.