Head of Investment Job in Karachi Pakistan
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Head of Investment Job in Karachi Pakistan

Job Detail

  • Head of Investment
    • Designation: Head of Investment

      Industry: Insurance                                                        

      Location: Karachi

      Qualification: At least Bachelors degree in Finance and Investments from a notable international college/university with CFA qualification. Alternatively, the incumbent may be a Fellow of the Institute or Society of Actuaries with a specialist qualification in Investments.

      Experience: 8-12 years in managing investments, of which at least 3 years should be in a leading position of a similar nature in Pakistan.

      Responsibilities & Authorities:

      • Strive to create long-term value for policyholders and shareholders
      • Measure investment risks and returns relative to liabilities on a market value or economic value basis.
      • Ensure that regulatory restrictions are followed at the time of contemplating investments.
      • Minimize short-term activism and strive for best execution when transacting in the capital markets.
      • Understand the products that the company sells and determine whether funds should be directed in different types of investments or whether the product matches the expectations of policyholders.
      • Examine the Policy periodically and recommend, if necessary, changes that should be made to ensure returns and address liquidity issues.
      • Develop a consistent investment strategy based on an analysis of the available funds for investment and the expected future growth based on business projections that are available to him to address funds for the business, maintain contacts with banks and manage equity investments.
      • Prepare monthly analysis of Investment Performance of the Company for presentation to Board Finance & Investment Committee. A simplified Fund Management Report should also be prepared for sending to policyholders, sales force and Bank assurance partners.

      Skills and Competencies:

      • Knowledge of insurance company taxation laws as applicable to its investments/investment income is essential.
      • Strong analytical skills, especially as they relate to evaluation of fixed income and equity investments.
      • Ability to use software to assess “beta factors” of investment and conduct overall portfolio analysis on a spreadsheet.
      • Ability to do comparative analyses of investment funds with “bench-marked” funds and track over reasonably long periods is essential.
      • Ability to supervise and develop team of skilled staff on investment analysis who would do the necessary research to present an investment recommendation.
      • Knowledge of life insurance legislation relating to investment restrictions and maintaining of solvency margins.
      • Excellent presentation, interpersonal and communication skills – both written and oral.

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