How to stand out from the crowd in the New Year


How to stand out from the crowd in the New Year

Don’t just resolve to get thin and fit in 2015. Make it your resolution to start afresh in your career and to stand out from the crowd in the New Year.

By mastering a few basics you’ll ensure that employers notice you. It’ll add oomph to your career future and job hunting will become a whole lot easier. Find out how with these nine fast facts:

  1. Launch a marketing campaign. Treat your career and job search as if you were selling a product to the world. Make sure that everything from your RecruiterPk profile to your clothes reflects your brand and that it’s an upbeat one.
  2. Make your profile sparkle. Profiles are 21st century calling cards and could be the ticket to your next job. Is your profile a winner?
  3. Fast fact 4: Use the STAR technique. Whether you’re writing a CV or preparing to answer interview questions you need to be a STAR. That stands for Situation, Task, Action, Results. Outline the Situation where an example arose, define the Task you needed to achieve, explain the Action you took and describe the Results? We talk a lot about the STAR technique at PRB and recruiters agree because it really works.
  4. Become a can-do person. Look for solutions to problems and highlight these successes in your CV. Don’t be the water cooler whinger.
  5. Tailor your CV to the role. Look at the key selection criteria of each job and make sure your CV shines for that role. Even if you don’t have the exact experience needed you can focus on your transferrable skills and inspire employers to give you a go.
  6. Use examples in your CV. Don’t just say you’re good at XYZ. Give brief but real examples and be ready to back them up in the interview. A well-prepared candidate always stands out.
  7. Be comfortable in your own skin.  Give your career a boost by visiting a career counsellor, a life coach, or a psychotherapist. It will help you get to know yourself better and even perhaps lead to a new successful you.
  8. Sell yourself at every opportunity. Go to industry events and seek out your peers from other organisations and more senior people. Write yourself a 30-second elevator pitch and make sure you use it.
  9. Have a consistent message. Whether it’s your CV, your RecruiterPK profile, the words that come out of your mouth or any other communication your message should be the same. Beware of what you post on social media and especially the photos you post on Facebook. They could undermine your message. If you post a photo of yours that you might thing is funny, there is a good chance you’ll damage your personal brand.

Best of luck from everyone at RecruiterPk for your New Year career moves. We say believe in yourself and you can beat the odds.

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